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zondag, november 06, 2005

JR - Art 2 rue 

JR is an internationally acclaimed street artist and photographer who, with classic wheat-pasting methods and documentary photography, creates an all out assault of in your face street imagery. Originally interested in the landscape of his suburban Paris neighborhood JR found his first real camera inside of the Paris metro late one night.
From that night on JR used his newly found camera and his late night wheat pasting actions to document and exhibit the vibrant Hip Hop culture of Paris.
From touristy downtown to the depths of the ghetto, JR had made pedestrians well aware of his dynamic street presence.
JR's dedication and consistency to get up and move forward has propelled him to status as an international man of artistic mystery.
JR's art is almost always illegal. The galleries are JR's enemy and he believes the street and alternative spots to be the new place for art.
JR continues to rock out wit his consistently illegal and inspiring spots and uses the press as his vehicle for international publicity.

vision by Stephen Schuster, photographe, NYC

JR - Art 2 rue

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