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donderdag, mei 06, 2004

Bits, Bytes & Blocks

Third Wheel Media was formed in April, 1993.

Hailing from the Boston area, TWM spawned both audio and video projects from such artists as Ennui, The Blue Kite, Beeztronic, and Zero Times Infinity.

In 2000, Third Wheel Media produced its final product, a video remake of the cult classic "Braindead." TWM officially dissolved later in the year.

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In January 2001, ADVANCED REALITY emerged and formed two divisions: Advanced Reality Sound Engineering for audio projects and Advanced Reality Productions for video projects. Current audio projects include Technology Will Fail and the collaborative conglomerate Advanced Reality Group. Current video projects include I Create - a multi-part series chock-full of outtakes and rare footage from the Halloween shows produced during the TWM era.

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