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donderdag, november 29, 2007

Monty Python video wall 

Monty Python video wall - Monty Python videos


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dinsdag, november 06, 2007

Ultimate Cool Characters 

Here you will find a wealth of uselessly interesting characters not found on your keyboard. Ever wanted to know how to make an 'i' with those two little dots above it? How about a multiplication sign? A euro sign? A smiley face? A bunch of different letters with squiggly things under them? Ỹổů’ṽẻ čøm̉ę ŧỡ ţĥë ŕıġħť p̀łắĉễ. Unlike most similar lists, Ultimate Cool Characters has more than just those odd characters that we all know so well. It was painstakingly compiled to include a whole lot of weird characters that you have probably never seen before. Feel free to use any of them in your web pages and documents. After all, I didn't make these up, I just compiled them.

Ultimate Cool Characters


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