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zaterdag, december 31, 2005


As the religious right wields its power, with ideas of The Rapture determining the path of our imperialist government, there is a parallel between this ideology and the corporate colonialism influencing The Convergence of media.

Millions are anxiously expecting The Rapture - when true Christians join the infinite while others are left behind. The End of Days fervor, or millennialism, is evidenced by the popularity of the Left Behind series of apocalyptic novels, which have sold over 65 million copies worldwide.

The Convergence of Media is a similarly unknown/unknowable point in the near future when all media become one (and all distributors become one) leaving artists (and everyone else) behind. This exhibition frames the current state of artistic practices, conflating apocalyptic desires with the corporate desire for media convergence.

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Moco Christmas 

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zondag, december 25, 2005


Completed November 2005

The initial PARK(ing) intervention occurred on November 16, 2005 from noon until 2 p.m., without incident or interference from any level of institutional authority. Sort of makes you wonder what else you can do in a parking space . . .

Providing temporary public open space in a privatized part of town.

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dinsdag, december 13, 2005

Your Band Sucks 

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