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dinsdag, januari 11, 2005

Ketchup and Curry 

Turmeric has been found to drastically reduce and prevent Alzheimer's Disease by blocking the formation of plaques that give rise to the disease. Being something of an overachiever, turmeric's active compounds have also just been found to be anti-malarial agents, and have been shown to slow prostate cancer.

Lycopene is of course, a much touted antioxidant believed to reduce cancer and heart disease risk.

Metropol 47: Ketchup and Curry:

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mUsiCaL fEvEr - bEsT cLarInEtisT eVer : 

muSicaLity iS a teRm thAt nEeD noT be dEfinEd beCause thOse wHo haVe iT knoW whaT it meANs anD thOsE wHo dO noT wiLL neVeR undErsTanD iT thrOugH dEfiniTioN??...

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zaterdag, januari 08, 2005

Digitally Imported 

Digitally Imported is a multi-channel Internet radio service specializing in Electronic Dance Music genres. Filling a global niche for this type of music made it among the most popular internet radio stops on the internet over the last 4 years.

All our channels are offered in two streaming formats: Mp3 and Windows media. You can listen to any of the channels with either a high bandwidth high quality connection, or lower bitrate that is good for modems.

Digitally Imported

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Why Ping?
There are a number of services designed specifically for tracking and connecting blogs. However it would be expensive for all the services to crawl all the blogs in the world all the time. By sending a small ping to each service you let them know you’ve updated so they can come check you out. They get the freshest data possible, you don’t get a thousand robots spidering your site all the time. Everybody wins.


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